Sunday, December 19, 2010

Joan Margaret Fyfe Spandre

Our darling mom died peacefully Saturday December 18, 2010. Her last words were " I am not afraid" because of the happy prospect of being reunited with her dear Louis and infant daughters Christine and Rachel.
Born July 19, 1922 in Cumberland on Eden England to Andrew and Marie Little Fyfe. Joan had an idyllic childhood in the seaside town of Wallasey, with her beloved sister and brother, Doris and Jim. Daily excursions to the beach and swims in the sea were some of her happiest memories.
Following WWII, Joan emigrated to the U.S. and settled in Utah, where she met her darling Louis. Their marriage was one of complete devotion and their home was filled with love and laughter.
The final lines of Joan's life history states " How could I be so lucky? To have married the best husband, who made us all feel completely loved and wonderful. Then to top it all off, to be blessed with the worlds best daughters and their beautiful families. What a wonderful life, and I think it isn't luck, but blessings from a loving Heavenly Father. It really has been a wonderful life."

Monday, December 13, 2010


Lately I have noticed how much I have been gossiping. When I get with a group of friends I just say whatever pops into my head and it is so horrible and it needs to stop. I lay awake at night thinking about how horrible I feel about things that I have said that I really did not even mean. As horrible as it is I am glad I have all this guilt because I know that I need to be more careful about things that I say. I am not spreading viscous rumors about anyone but little comments can be just a hurtful and I would never want to hurt any ones feelings.

"The kindest word in all the world is the unkind word, unsaid." ~ Unknown


This post is a little late but better late then never! We had a WONDERFUL thanksgiving in San Francisco. It started out a little rocky when the blizzard of 2010 hit (overrated) but we made it! Sorry this post will probably be pretty long!

Day 1

We headed to the airport super early since we did not have any other plans for the day and just hung out! Nick played games on his phone while I watched all the cute missionaries. I am sure they thought I was a total creeper but I just kept imaging cute Patrick there a week before. I wanted to ask if they knew him but Nick told me chances were not good that they did so I didn't ha ha. Then we boarded our very little plane. I was a little nervous because I felt like I was taller than the plane, it looked like a toy! Everything went great and we landed safely. From there we hopped on BART and we were off! McCaye and my mom picked us up downtown by McCayes work and we headed over to the Warf for dinner at Scomas, my dads favorite. After dinner we headed home because we needed to get out rest for the next day!

Day 2

My mom had signed us up for a 5 mile run and 3 mile walk. Everyone did the run but me, my mom and dad. My dad is such a fast walker that he finished in about half the time that my mom and I did. The run was in Golden Gate Park and it was beautiful! My mom and I had a great time on our walk (or Pilgrim waddle as my dad called it) and McCaye Phil and Nick did great on the Turkey Tottle. After the run we headed over to a great little restaurant name LOUIS and had some breakfast. It was really fun for our family because it is where my Grandma and Grandpa went on their honeymoon and my grandpas name was Louis! Then we headed back to the house to start cooking for our Thanksgiving dinner. If you know my family well you know that no family dinner is complete without some guests! This year we had McCayes cute friend Nicki, Phils friend from school Sajad and Tilly ( who went to east with McCaye and Phil) and her husband. It was a lot of fun and the food was great! We ended the night by playing some games and watching Iron Man 2.

Day 3

Nick and I woke up early and went on a walk while everyone was getting ready to head to Alcatraz. The neighborhood where we stayed in so pretty and we found a ton of great "dream homes" ha maybe one day! Then we headed down the Warf for our Alcatraz tour. I have been one other time but it was so rainy and cold that it was not any fun but we had perfect weather and the views were incredible. I had a blast. I know I must be getting older because I used to hate going on tours and now I think they are the greatest thing ever. after the tour we walked around for a bit and had some lunch then headed over to McCayes other job, at a sporting goods store to do some shopping. That night we went to dinner in the Mission District and a great little place called the Sunflower. It was so GOOD I loved it.

Day 4

One of Nicks favorite shows is Man vs. Food. On one of the episodes he goes in Ikes Place in San Francisco. Nicks one request was that he wanted to get one of these sandwiches. They are soooo amazing. Nicks sandwich had a ham, turkey, chicken, roast beef, mozzerella sticks, jalapeno poppers, and cheese, it was HUGE! I would not recommend ordering this sandwich unless you are up for a challenge. Then we headed to Palo Alto to see phils dorm and walk around the Stanford campus since I had never seen it. It is amazing, I cant believe that is where he goes everyday I felt like I was in a movie! McCaye and Phil really are living the good life out there!

I was so sad to come home. By the end of a trip I am usually ready to come home but I had such a good time hanging out with my family all day for 4 days straight! Thanks mom and Dad for such a fun trip. We cant wait for next year ;)

The fam after our "Turkey Trottle" and "Pilgrim Promenade"

Breakfast at Lois

McCaye and Nicki

The boys watching some Football

" Indians Welcome" my mom made nick get a picture haha